Saving Sawyer | ✓

Saving Sawyer | ✓

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Meet Sawyer Jameson. 

On the outside, she's a normal seventeen year old girl with amazing friends, a charitable job and a loving family. She's beautiful, funny and easy to get along with and just by looking at her, you'd think that she's the perfect girl, living in the perfect world. 

On the inside though, just waking up and living her day-to-day life is a struggle for Sawyer. Well, aware of this fact, Sawyer's mother forces to see a psychiatrist after school on a daily basis in order to cope with the tragic events Sawyer encountered a year prior. 

Now meet Graham Cambridge. 

Those who don't know him could easily stereotype him as being a blunt, selfish, egotistical golden boy, just because he likes to party and play football. Those who actually know him though know that he's actually quite the opposite of all of those things.

When Graham transfers from his elite prep school to Sawyer's high school and quickly takes an interest in her, things go from bad to worse. At least, that's what Sawyer's convinced herself of. What people don't realize though is that maybe they were wrong about Graham Cambridge and that his life is about as far from perfect as they come and that he and Sawyer are alike in more ways than one. 

Two completely different teenagers that maybe aren't all that different after all are about to embark on a wild ride that neither of them could have ever expected. Can they help each other get past their demented previous tragedies? Or are their bygones too great to ever escape them? And can Sawyer ever truly be saved? 

Full of romance, heartbreak and just a little bit of fate, the next couple of months will challenge both Sawyer and Graham in ways they never thought possible.

And maybe, just maybe, something beautiful will come out of it. 

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winxology101 winxology101 a day ago
Dang, you have to complain that much? Just imagine who you want. On another note, I lost my phone at Warehouse 31 and am now on the computer. I’m so sad, I have to wait 8 hours to finally get on Wattpad.
I-BNight33 I-BNight33 Oct 08
Jesus, people can’t just use their imagination and quit complaining.
I’ve never understood complaints about character casting??? Like skip over it and imagine whoever you want??????? On another note...Matthew daddario 😍
Everyone is all about the hunger games (don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan as well) but he’s also pretty great in RV.
tellyounot tellyounot 5 days ago
Sup my dudes...I'm here cuz Alex Benjamin and lol...half the comments are about him
Anyone else ever wonder what happened to his upper lip? Like if you watch older seasons of Gossip Girl, his lip looks normal.. then all of a sudden, it doesn't look right.... Maybe it's just me?? Did he get work done?? He shouldn't have, if that's the case LOL ohwell... just thinking