One direction adopted a .....vampire?!!!??!?

One direction adopted a .....vampire?!!!??!?

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Parkers prov:

I was peacefully sleeping when i hear some noise down stairs in the  orphanage.I slowly creep down stairs ....Who am IQ kidding?!?!?

I can vampire speed run down stairs without a human hearing me.Stupied humans!

I Look around the corner to see a man breaking into the front door.Quietly tho.I've run in to a couple  of these men before

.But im the guard of this orphanage.Of course no one knows that.

I steep out in clear site for him to see me.«why dont u step right. back out side and we can for get about this.»I say to him.He jumps up startled.«Little girl go back to bed»He says confidently but i can tell hes scared.

Oh hell naw!Did he just call me little girl?!?Oh hes got coming to him.«Well then ...»I say.Then i pounced on him and covered his moutg with one of my hands and with the other i lifted his neck to my mouth.

I started to suck the life out of him.Once he was dry i vampire ran to the lake outside and threw his empty body into it.

I ran back in side and lay...

yazzy0805 yazzy0805 Jun 28, 2017
I'm not stupid cause me and my while family are vampires!😏😏
xx_honey-bee_xx xx_honey-bee_xx Oct 06, 2017
I'm a potato soooo..... yeah I'm pretty smart I guess 😂😂😂
-voidcohan -voidcohan Jul 19, 2016
I don't find that offensive because I'm not human I'm a demon from hell😏
Emma1643 Emma1643 Apr 18, 2016
Really to the one who is writing this you are calling yourself stupid
ForeverandAlways71 ForeverandAlways71 Feb 12, 2017
I don't take offense cause I'm a demigod Hades child🖤😈
ElinaAzarlouyeh ElinaAzarlouyeh Jul 05, 2016
So you mean she's been in the orphan for 1999 years?😐😑😕😁👏🏻