Retracing My Life

Retracing My Life

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Devin Blaire By meisadreamer Updated Jan 24, 2011

The first book of Of Darkness And Light: Feangels. 

Erin Eclipse died when she was seven years old. She is now eighteen. Her assignment being a feangel, is to go into Reeve High School and judge Brandon Carser. 

The only problem with this assignment, would be the fact she's going to her childhood community. She re-meets people she knew when she was a toddler and they reminisce at her name, but don't recognize her. But one does, and he...Well, he could be the one to ruin her and cause her to get her wings clipped and be sent to the Abyss. 

Erin Eclipse will not give up, all the same. She will determine Brandon's aura and his placement, and judge him. And her wings will stay. 

With the help of her fellow feangel Michael--who just so happens to be sent to judge Brandon's best friend Eddie--she may be able to. But what about the mortals at Reeve High School, and the langels, dangels, vampires, pixies, faeries, werewolves, and other mythical creatures that are having an education at Reeve? Will they try and stop her? The other feangels won't of course, but will that stop the others?

Erin Eclipse is in for it. Retracing her life.

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