Bad Boys With Claws [DISCONTINUED]

Bad Boys With Claws [DISCONTINUED]

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Jojo B By Jojo_B Updated Feb 28

Tara is a rogue. 

She's been roaming the country with a band of them for the last three years, searching for what may just be an ancient myth. Although each of the four rogues love the freedom of living without a pack, they've formed a makeshift gang of their own. Like her, the boys are rough-edged, iron hard and wild, rarely backing down from a fight. 

Tara's been developing feelings for another member of their gang, but the pair know not to have false hope because neither of them have found their mates yet. Tara wishes she never does so that she can be with Malachi, but that all falls apart the moment she looks into the reserved, silver eyes of the young Alpha whose territory they cross. 

Despite the tension and hostility between Tara's new found pack and her wild male friends, the two sides choose to put their differences aside and form a fragile alliance to find the mythical creature that struck a blow to the Alpha's life years ago, in exchange for a secret that has kept the Silver Eye pack stronger than most others for generations.

*Contains violence and sexual nature, for older readers!*

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