The Devil Within ◦ S.S

The Devil Within ◦ S.S

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Chey By nogitsunechey Updated 4 days ago


Stiles Stilinski isn't who he says he is, and it was only a matter of time until his Pack found out and he would have to leave again. Instead of running to another place to live - he returns home to New Orleans and his family.

His Pack follow and everything goes to hell.
© nogitsunechey | 2017

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freddiesbitch freddiesbitch Jul 28, 2017
now i just have a mental image of Stiles running down the street with Roscoe sitting on his shoulder
wolfblood6 wolfblood6 Apr 16
So it's basically Lydia and Derek fighting for Stiles attention????
Am I the only one that imagine Jackson AND Coral fighting FOR Theo?
This pair would scare me with the want to kill and the down right stubbornness
From New Orleans to California is 30 hours or 2,107.9 miles on interstate I-10 West