Kat Rivers doesn't want anything to do with Jake Marks, just his dreamy best friend Jack Shubbington. Yet, Jake won't have it; he'll do ANYTHING to get her attention... including slapping her butt when she's not looking. She won't have it, though... which leads to the ultimate butt-slapping war between guys and girls. As tensions rise between best friends and old loves, what will become of Kat and this newfound admirer of hers?
He took her shoe? What?! Haha I can't stop laughing at this!!
me me me me my name me me me my name.. Yeah.. Kat is here.. ♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡
Seriously? He can't even remember a simple 'Kat'? What the. Turn-off!
ughhh always get confuse between jack and jake.. their name is almost the same
SWEET! Something exciting :) I see wat Jake is doing, that nasty pervert XD Man, Kat should have smack the living daylights of him, but hopefully she gets him back!
                                    I'm excited to read this :D
I am in love with this already! Can you please read mine? It's called Fear of Death