Look No Further.

Look No Further.

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J.R.Slade By colourdark Updated Jun 12

What if the Boy Who Lived wasn't given to the Dursleys?

What if the Chosen One grew up in a rather different environment?

What if Harry Potter was raised by the Malfoys?

Side notes:
- this is an alternative universe, and will be following the plot of the books, but not exactly, so don't tell me that it didn't happen because in this world it did.

-some logistic matters will not be accurate, but I'm trying my best.

-I will be taking some quotes from the actual books as some things said and done will still be the same.

Lucius just straight up punts the baby into the crib, victoriously raises his arms, and disapparates
Voldemort jumps out of the closet. "Ha, I got you guys good!" He says. He then casts a spell on the baby, exploding it, before flying through the window without a broomstick or any other artifact—simply flying by sheer magic.
Baby Harry: Goo goo *sucks thumb*
                              Voldemort: *violent hissing*
                              Voldemort Voldemort Potter, you're named after the bravest man I've ever known: me.
Get the baby or shell probably kill u. 
                              I think..........
merf129987 merf129987 Jun 19
He was in the closet? Well that explains that fanfic I read..