SM Entertainment Sex Slave

SM Entertainment Sex Slave

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Allie By Lonewolf1017 Updated Jun 14, 2017

"What's the job?" I asked, very interested.  

"Sex Slaves." She said, bluntly.

"Excuse me?" I coughed a bit.

She sighed, leaning in forward.

"This is how it works." She said, fixing her navy pencil skirt, taking a sip from her coffee.

"We are the Sex Servants of SM Entertainment. We are paid to have sex with the men of SM Entertainment, the idols. We are meant to fulfill their pleasure and relieve their stress. Make them feel good. We have to give them whatever they want and never say no to them." She sighed, setting down her coffee cup.

"We're assigned certain people to pleasure and we must." She looked down at her feet, she almost looked ashamed. "We must." She said again, emphasizing on it. 

"We have sex with the idols of SM entertainment but our cover is working in the office. But if anyone asks you then you reply by saying that you are a trainee since you're young, it's believable."

She sighed again, with a sad expression on her face. "The number one rule is you cannot fall inlove."  

She looked almost burdened.. Is she my future? The money is literally too good to pass up. I could pay my debt with two paychecks. 

I sighed to myself.

I felt like crying as I took the contract out from the back pocket of my jeans. I unfolded it and grabbed a pen.

I sighed my name on the dotted line.


Lilian A. Park


 This is my life now.

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pro_CATS_ination pro_CATS_ination Apr 24, 2016
What is that truck honking for?! Does it think a flipped over car's gonna be able to just skid out of the way??
Armisa_Luv Armisa_Luv Jan 20, 2016
Video games are educational increase eye sight and improves memory,  you can track more objects at once, reaction speed increases
aileetrash- aileetrash- Jan 09, 2016
I love how everyone is saying that it's their name omg 😂😂😂😂
_Dwarf_ _Dwarf_ Aug 08, 2015
I suddenly had a allergic reaction to air right now (╥﹏╥)
vampiersanime vampiersanime Jun 08, 2015
I'm not gonna cry......I'm not gonna cry ......I'm not gonna wwaaaaaah!!!!!!!*bursts out crying*
justcasspi justcasspi Apr 28, 2015
My classmate's "nick name" is Lilly-Bear also but she has double L.