Eric & Katherine (Completed, Un-edited version)

Eric & Katherine (Completed, Un-edited version)

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Yvonne Cruz By MissYvy Completed

Attention: This story contains some serious language. If you don't like them, and just criticize me for it, I suggest you bugger off. Thank you!


I took picture after picture of my mom's orchids. It was one of those lazy days when you want to do nothing and sleep all day, not caring about your work. Well, in my case, I don't have any. I like the outdoors when my house is in complete chaos, which is why I'm always outside. I lay flat on my back and soaked up some Vitamin D. The sky is blue today. Birds chirping, butterflies fluttering by and my dad saying he got me a job.

Wait. What?!

"Katherine! Katherine, I found you a job!" My father shouted from the inside of the house. I shot up into my feet and snatched my DSLR to my chest as I ran to the sitting room. I paused at the doorway to catch my breath. My father was grinning from ear to ear.

"I got you a job, Kath!"

I took slow, deliberate steps towards the couch where he was sitting. "What job?" I ask cautiously.

My mom a...

brinalovesyou2xx brinalovesyou2xx Nov 22, 2016
Is no one commenting about the fact that their parents had 9 kids?
faaabienneee faaabienneee Dec 31, 2015
there is so much going on right now who are all of thesebwomen
Fawneh1359 Fawneh1359 May 14, 2015
My dad has nice brown eyes and my mom has gray. My brother and I got her genes...aren't brown eyes dominant? XD No clue how that happened.
MaVaSeijas MaVaSeijas Jan 22, 2015
I bet it was Celine who said that at the wedding! Well well found something you like Kate?
MaVaSeijas MaVaSeijas Jan 22, 2015
Well Eric definitely has a houseful of trouble, women can be nerve-wracking
- - May 12, 2014
This guy! Idk how he does it! I couldn't do it. I'd die if I had all those sisters and  Im a girl. Its probably good Im the only girl lol but I love the chaos going on from his perspective and he's a writer! Fun!