Everything Changes (Johnny Storm / Fantastic Four)

Everything Changes (Johnny Storm / Fantastic Four)

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Rebekah Grimm is the sister of Ben Grimm. Not by blood, Rebekah is adopted. She doesn't know who her real parents are and thinks she never will. And she has powers, and not from the accident a year ago she was born with it. There's another thing about Rebekah, just like her brother she can't stand Johnny Storm, she hates him with a passion. But she has a different reason to hate him that Reed or Ben doesn't know about, only Sue. 

But what Rebekah doesn't know is that everything in her life is about to change.

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"Steve eat a snickers, your not you when you're hungry."
                              Johnny - "Babe, why.... " *eats anyway"
                              Steve - "Very much so, miss."
kaviwrites kaviwrites Jul 02, 2016
Everyone is saying Originals, but I'm like
                              H2OOOOOOOO MY CHILDDDHOOOOOOODDD
ShadowAvengeAoSCart ShadowAvengeAoSCart Mar 22, 2016
*sharply intakes a breath so inner fangirl doesn't come out*
Aim-for-insane Aim-for-insane Jul 26, 2016
I was walking while reading this and I stopped and looked to my left. This dude was staring at me. I started laughing and he thought I was crazy.
Bellew0lf Bellew0lf May 30, 2016
Ms.Mikaelson wheres your annoying but handsome brothers? Good call keeping her name Rebekah from TVD and TO!
Bobo199 Bobo199 Apr 04, 2016
I would have said "I hope it rains well we are over the ocean"