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Stephanie Heinen By NelenaWriterJemi1 Updated Nov 10, 2013

There she laid, that little trouble maker.. in a small hospital crib, made for infants who have just been born.. that girl who laid in there.. that girl caused him the love of his life.  He was there when they had to rush Mandy to the hospital, her water broke during a shift at work, so he quickly called someone to take over their shifts and raced to the hospital.

Selena Gomez,  daughter of Ricardo and Mandy Gomez, born on the 22nd of July in 1992.  A healthy baby.. and a waste of space.  That's what he thought of his daughter.. if she had to be born at this cost, he would have never hoped for his soul mate to be pregnant.  But instead, Selena was born, and she took the life of the love of his life, Mandy.

How could he take care of that.. that creature.. without his wife to support him along the way?  There was no way that he could take care of her and grief in peace.. she was already crying behind the thick glass.. it was audible from his position in the waiting room.    Ricardo s...

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