Just another one.  {One Shot}

Just another one. {One Shot}

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Steph  ღ By NelenaWriterJemi1 Updated Nov 10, 2013

The burning hot lights flashed through the club, creating a fun show for the visitors to watch.  Hips were moving from side to side to the rhythm of the music, causing some girls to show off their sexiest movements which the gentlemen did not even seem to mind.

In one of the club's corners there stood a gentleman, dressed in a pair of Levi's and a white shirt which was being covered by a jacket -- made out of leather fabric -- which matched perfectly with his dark brown -- messy -- curls.  He held a brown bottle of liquor in his firm hand which was already half empty since he had been drinking from it, sending the cooling and intoxicating liquid down his throat.

Across the dance floor was a tall brunette, right in the spot of his vision.

Her clothes were more rags than they were actual clothing, her top leaned over her well curved body -- giving a small sneak peek of her cleavage through the white fabric.  On her hips rested a small belt that held her small skirt up on her body, mak...