Life on Mars

Life on Mars

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Will Webb By innerfish Updated Dec 08, 2016

Colonizing Mars was Piper's dream. She took the one way ticket. When her lander finally touched down on the surface, the team botanist was injured and plants were supposed to be their source of food. Challenged by an accidental pregnancy that threatens to destabilize air, water, and consumables, the crew will face many challenges in their struggle to survive in an alien world.

This is a tale of survival in extreme conditions. Follow eighteen year old Piper planetside in this anticipated sequel to One Way Ticket. 

This is a serial novel.

JSClark7 JSClark7 Jul 12, 2016
Continuity error! This is not how it happened in the first book. I shall not love the rest of your movie, sir!
TinaThoummarath TinaThoummarath Dec 04, 2016
Not sure, but looks like there is an extra space between the words "clouds" and "billowed"? Maybe not ☺
DanielSuarez6 DanielSuarez6 Jan 22, 2014
Great thank you for continued the tell. I'm waiting impatiently for the continuation
FutureMartian97 FutureMartian97 Jan 21, 2014
You said you would post another chapter two days ago, haha lol.
cookie_monster_18 cookie_monster_18 Dec 31, 2013
This is amazing! Although I'm going to have trouble adjusting to the POV change
cookie_monster_18 cookie_monster_18 Dec 30, 2013
This is fantastic! I can tell Life on Mars is going to be just as good!