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The Predator

The Predator

2.7M Reads 91.6K Votes 36 Part Story
Darkest_Rose By Darkest_Rose Completed

The wrong place and the wrong time, that's what happened to me. One moment is all it took to change my life, to change me.
As a human, I was dangerous, as a vampire I'm a lethal weapons with more gift's than the royals.
That night the sacred Lexi died and the new Lexi was born.
Now it's my time for payback against the one's who hurt me and the one who changed me.
What I didn't expect to find, was love ....

When you're lost in the woods but you all of a sudden run towards home :p Great story btw
LetaHallmark LetaHallmark Oct 05, 2016
Sorry to break it to ya, I mean, you seem like a nice gal, but there are humans out there that eat other human beings. They are called cannibals.
WallabyReads WallabyReads Oct 23, 2016
I'm so glad that you made this book! There are so few books out there with STRONG female protagonists, so this book is literally a needle in a haystack!!!!! <3
Sick bastard do you know how painful it is to get hit in boobs and bite? It just sick
xximanerdybirdyxx xximanerdybirdyxx Aug 29, 2016
wtf if someone were to come up and do that to me I would beat their ass harder than it has ever been beat I:)
Tombleeboo Tombleeboo Jan 08
Which tense is this supposed to be in anyone? Sorry to be a pain