Eye to eye

Eye to eye

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BlackRose By bloodyrose297 Updated Apr 22, 2017

Amber has never lived in one place her hole life. Her mother had always dragged her from place to place. Until  her mother died. And now she on her own.  Being only 14 she has no car and no money. Better yet the hole country of Canada is looking for her. And then she meets him.

Connor has been on the run for two years now and has no way to stop. He lives by steeling and  being stowaway on many types of transport. Why you ask?Because he is a Aria. A being with both eyes different colours. They both represent different powers of some kind. And Connors not the only one. 

Kyle and Kat are twins. They have lived most of there life as a normal human being. Until the men in suites came. They burst into there house  and brunt it down to the ground. Only just escaping the two 10 year olds are now on the run.

  • eyes
  • homeless
  • runaway
  • superpowers
  • twins

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