Get through Erenxlevi Mpreg

Get through Erenxlevi Mpreg

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Ashlyn Cooper By jeff_woods6616 Completed

Eren a 17 year old going to Titan high in the city of Trost, who works at a small cafe: Rose cafe, whose life seems to be going as good as possible for the past few weeks, life goes on a wild ride when he meets Levi Ackerman future boyfriends and future baby's daddy. But Levi has no idea what goes on behind closed doors in Eren's house.

Levi Ackerman 19 year old in Sina university located in the city of Trost. His life doesn't mean much to him but is important to those around him but he figures there isn't much to live for in the world until he meets Eren Jeager the only person who can make him feel like there is a reason apart from his ever loving family.


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daddy-eilish daddy-eilish Sep 04, 2017
I officially hate Grisha...welp at least he's not raping him
I used to have one it was a panda, I threw it away because I thought that it watched my every move and it creeped me out
I feel like those would be secretly alive kind of like Toy Story but evil. Just me? Ok I'll leave.