The Choices We Make

The Choices We Make

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streaming_lights By streaming_lights Updated Jul 15, 2017

She was in love but she didn't know with who. 

Rose Vallarie's first day of Junior year was certainly very interesting. She was welcomed by stares that judged her bad. Her first introduction was with a total psycho. Her first  friend became a guy who had an answer to every question she had. And her first actual conversation was definitely something she will regret for her life.

And finally, her ever-lasting crush on a senior. A senior who is a complete mystery for her but before she could even solve it, a complete stranger tells her something that makes her persue it even more.

However, this stranger has a totally new plan for Rose.

In the midst of Teddy bears, late night calls, obsession with long and emotional texts, heartbreak, a bad boy and three confused souls it takes only one text to change everything for her.


"Hey Rose!" He said throwing a paper ball at me.

I glare at the paper and then look at him. How the hell did he even know my name?

"What?" I ask nonetheless.

"I think you should stop it" He says with a smirk plastered on his face. To be honest, it doesn't even suit him.

"Stop what?" I ask confused.

"Obsessing over him. Do you know what happened  the last time someone tried to pry in his life?" He said resting his face on the desk.


"He was shipped off to Mont Flares." 

"What's that?"

"It's an mental asylum."



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