Guns, Roses, and....Twins!?!? (KHR x OHSHC Crossover)

Guns, Roses, and....Twins!?!? (KHR x OHSHC Crossover)

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~There is a Sequel~

Well, if you've read KHR then you may or may not have noticed that Hibari Kyoya's parents are NEVER mentioned. Interesting indeed. 

And you may have also noticed that Kyoya Ootori and Hibari Kyoya look alike, right? 

This is a story that takes place after the incident at the bridge (OHSHC anime, last episode) and the arcobaleno arc (KHR, last chapter in manga).

It all started over the summer with the Vongola Decimo being targeted along with his guardians. They were targeted because they were not taking over the title just yet, not because they have any enemies, so they went to lay low for a while... in Ouran. 

What secrets will be discovered? 
What does the past tell?
Will there be love?

Read to find out!!


Disclaimer: I do not own KHR nor OHSHC. all rights the the authors. This is a fan fiction. 

Hope you all enjoy. Comments are accepted and I would love to hear from you all. Have a great time reading. 

For this story, Hibari's name is first name first. Hibari (first name) Kyoya (last name). I know Hibari is his last name but it's just for story purposes.

[The sequel is called Mafia, Riches, And... Codes?]

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If Tsuna would have saif that i would just hope someone would say well you are when you a official the decimo
99930D 99930D Jul 09, 2017
Because the president of the host club is the Principal's son
WorldReader_4235 WorldReader_4235 Mar 01, 2017
I can see Reborn just whipping a bunch of mole people into forced labor.
Joy__Joy Joy__Joy Jan 27, 2017
I actually like how you explained it incase someone (like me) have mot seen KHR. It catches people up to speed with everyone else.
WorldReader_4235 WorldReader_4235 Mar 01, 2017
He wants a head start on his mole people enslavement operation.
GFD001 GFD001 3 days ago
What about Fuuta???! Why does everyone always forget about him?!?!