Darling, I Don't See Color

Darling, I Don't See Color

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Adeline Davies is a transfer student from Koldovstoretz to Hogwarts, putting her in 7th year. She is brave yet scared of everything, smart yet foolish, cunning yet gullible, and loyal yet faithless and it baffles the sorting hat. Yet none of that has anything to do with what makes her special, she just so happens to be blind. Adeline endured a lot of torture back home for her speciality and she 'escapes' to Hogwarts in hopes of getting away from that torture.

  Fred Weasley is a 7th year student who just barely made it out of the war. But the war had messed him up badly enough to where he refuses to leave his brother's side -as if that's any different from normal- though that's not the main reason for why he sticks with him. Fred suffered an injury to his ear at the beginning of the war but only got worse as he went along. So now here he is, two years later, deaf.

  When the two meet, how do they explain the fact that they are slowly healing each other? (Sure it could've been healed by magic but Fred refused and Adeline was born with it plus she's a muggle-born witch). Not even McGonagall herself can explain it, all that anyone knows is that it is imperative they stay with each other. But in this staying with each other the very obvious -very cliché- happens and they start to fall in love.

*****This is an alternate universe where Fred was severely injured instead of being killed in the war. Also this is set two years after the war ends and Harry did win but ending up succumbing to his injuries which ended in his demise.***** /////"Color" by Todrick Hall is the story and chapter names/////

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