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Pen Your Pride
Yandere! One-shots!

Yandere! One-shots!

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WelcomeToTheCringe By DemonDragon_Toaster Updated Dec 05, 2017

I felt like making a x reader book (even though I'm terrible at them). So I thought, "Why not make it a Yandere! x reader book, so I don't look as terrible?"

---Fast forward into the future---

"Why don't I make a regular x reader book, since I'm out of my 6th-grade-angsty-bloodthirsty-serial-killer-induced stage?"

And the I was like:
"Hey, why don't I just turn this one into a regular/random oneshot book instead, because I'm lazy?"

And here we are...


Open: ✅

---List of Fandoms---

• Overwatch
• Undertale
• One Punch Man
• Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia 
• Bleach
• Black Butler 
• Tokyo Ghoul
• Attack on Titan
• Free!
• Yuri on Ice
• Naruto 
• Code Geass 
• Death Note
• Mob Psycho 100
• Wings of Fire

  • anime
  • aot
  • blackbutler
  • bleach
  • blood
  • codegeass
  • creepypasta
  • fivenightsatfreddys
  • fnaf
  • gore
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  • yandere
RwaiChan RwaiChan Apr 14, 2017
Ooo can you do a Yandere! Itachi x Reader. Setting: Konaha. Gore lvl: 8/10. It also takes place when Itachi is still in Konaha. Ty~ Lemme know if you need more info
Scared, Jack Morrison x yandere, Serial killer, Cannibal, reader.
                              Gore lvl: 10/10       ((I might regrett that but anyways.))
                              ((Btw Jack Morrison from Overwatch/Blackwatch.))
PinkiePieParty122894 PinkiePieParty122894 Dec 02, 2017
Yandere Vincent/Purple Guy and Naruko crossover pairing gore level 5/10 (Also Naruko from Naruto the genderbend Naruto and Vincent from Fnaf)
Yoruko17 Yoruko17 Mar 25
Yandere! Human! Foxy The Pirate x Night Guard! Shy! Reader.  Gore level:  4/10.  If not that request⬅️, then maybe Yandere Genos x Hero! Reader, Yandere! Garou x Hero! Reader, or maybe both?  I don’t know, and Gore level: 4/10.