The Basement

The Basement

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Charlize Basson By CharlizeBasson Updated Aug 20, 2018

I sit here wondering what's down there, why don't we ever go into the basement, where's the key, what is actually down there? What could he be hiding? 

My urge to check it out is overpowering. Just as I'm about to make my way towards the basement door I'm interrupted. 

"Felicity, what are you doing?"  Travis asks curiously.

"I was just going to check out what's in the basement baby." I say trying to sound stern.

"How? I've told you we were never given a key to go down there?" Travis says with a straight face.

"Travis what is in the basement? Surely we have a key, we've been living here for five years." I say with no emotion visible. 

"Drop it Felicity it's simple, we don't have a key." Travis says clearly uninterested. 

I'll find a way down there. Now I know he's hiding something and I want to know what it is.


I'll say *Trigger Warning* for any abusive scenes and *Sexual Content* for any sexual scenes incase you would like to skip past them. 

I would also like to add, I do not support nor agree with abuse or anything similar. This book is not based on anyone and is purely meant for recreational purposes and is simply active imagination.

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