Lost In Darkness

5 Part Story 1.1K Reads 50 Votes
LipsOfDeceit By LipsOfDeceit Updated 3 years ago
What happens when everyone you know turns up dead, all because somebody is after you? Where can you run when you aren't even sure who and what you're running from.
    Jessica Willows has only herself to trust when her family and friends are killed. Can she discover the killer before he discovers her?
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LMAO love the ending "im getting too old fpr this" it was really descriptive and it was good paced! well done!
I've never read mysteries before so I have nothing to compare this with but from what I've read I can say that you're a really good writer. Perfect grammar, with just the right amount of imagery to satisfy us yet leave us curious. And it's just your first story! Keep it up!
The huge spaces in between paragraphs is a bit off-setting, but that's not a big deal at all. Other than that, this was great! Very creepy and suspenseful.