The Deathly Stratagem v2.0 (editing?)

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Hindi Henyo By JoshArgonza Updated 3 years ago
A race against time to save the world.
    A lone woman holding the clue that can either save it or cause it to fall into controlled chaos
    And a group of professional killers hunting her.
    Will she last long enough to escape from her opponents Deathly Stratagems?
daddy  Joe....busy  ka  parin???? tuloy  mo  na  please!!!!!!!
Nosebleed but anyways this story is interesting and little bit strange even I can't understand some words -_____- Lalim eh kinuha ata sa ilalim ng lupa
while waiting for the UD of bloody crayons, basahin ko muna ini. mukang intense ang story. :) Galing mag English ni author., nosebleed aketch, nagsiliparan mga brain cells ko sa english mo. nice!!! :)
ok pls kill me now. josh is speakingg english!
                                    -tink en sissy
sasapakin kita kapag hindi ko 'to nagustuhan. (Guizelle Bucalan)
You're a Filipino but you're more into pure English? Why is that? :D
                                    FC rin ako. Pasensya. Nagtatanong lang. Wahahahahaha!