Escaping the Monster's Embrace

Escaping the Monster's Embrace

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Ari By Mentally-Insane Updated Apr 06

Everything changed when they came out of hiding, terror spread across the world as people began to question if our presidents and our global leaders lied to us and weren't from the same race. The Beasts blended in amongst us as if we were the same, except humans didn't have the same predatory instincts and we couldn't change our forms like they could. 

Soon after we learnt that we weren't the only species people began going missing. Some were unlucky and taken as something that the Beasts called a Mate that one word made fear spread throughout my veins, I would rather sell my soul than have one of them mutts chain me to them. 

Six months went by before the government, that was un-tainted by this vile race began to take action into their own hands contacting other countries and militaries causing the great war to happen, sending both my parents off to fight for our rights. Only one of them came back, two months was the longest we lasted before we were overpowered by them. 

Six years of living in this dysfunctional environment and my hatred had never dwindled. Some people still believed in god and had faith in him, I didn't know what I believed in but I prayed like everyone else that I would get through another day without hearing the soul crushing word 'Mate'.


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