The Big Bad Alpha

The Big Bad Alpha

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Anna is an 16 year old who is into Ddlg she is a little who is looking for love and affection she can't get it from home because her parents abuse her but she still got hope in her heart hoping she will find a daddy for her.

Meet Alpha Black he is the most strongest Alpha and is not afraid of anyone and will kill or fight anyone who is a threat to him the whole world is afraid of him even the humans   
know who he is
he is proud of who he is and not also afraid to let people know he is a DD looking for a little 

Also meet Cameron he is Alpha Black twin brother he is opposite from Black and who is also into Ddlg who is looking for a little who can love him and his brother equally

What happens when they meets Anna will the relationship work or not 
Read to find out what will happen in the story.

Warning:This is an Ddlg story if you don't not like it please go some where else don't leave any negative comments on my story because you don't like it I already warned you so don't try testing my patience.
Also don't steal or take any of my ideas or there is gone to be a big problem.

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smutlayla smutlayla May 26
Wait what 4’2 !!!!! Not wanting to come out mean but is she a dwarf???
habooth habooth Jun 11
Good idea and concept, but it's one giant sentence. If you need help with proper grammar and sentence structure many people would be willing to help.
I like the idea for this book, but I can’t halo but keep correcting the grammar in my head, and when I do that, I end up rewriting entire sentences and paragraphs, all in my head. Will you please edit this? I’m sure there’re plenty of people who’d be willing to help.
If she's 4'2 she is literally a little person. Nothing wrong with having a character with dwarfism because they deserve representation but just pointing out if she's that short it's a condition
It's a great story just need a ton of editing. You should find a beta to help you edit your chapters. Once you do that you'll have a crap ton more readers!
k1tty_katty k1tty_katty Jul 11, 2017
Very good, but there need to be sentences and paragraphs and structure or it'll be hard for people to understand and like your book.