You Taste Like Strawberries

You Taste Like Strawberries

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Highest Rank- #1 in Teen Fiction & #7 in Humor

While I touched myself, my phone rang. 

I groaned when I picked up the phone. 


"You have a tight kitty." I gasped. 

"Who is this?" I asked. 

"Look inside your closet."

Credit Cover:@GlueEater

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KYA_04 KYA_04 Jan 21
The description made me not like closets anymore. Like how did u get in my closet? Nvm house?!
kenztistic kenztistic Nov 13, 2017
Hi, my name is Kenz, i'm 14 and i'm an aspiring author, I'm working on my own book and I would like to ask if you mind taking a little time out of your day to support me please :) thank you <3
_ifyouknowhowifeel_ _ifyouknowhowifeel_ Dec 10, 2017
idk but when I saw this title all I could think of was a vine of the little girl saying, "I smell like beef, I smell like beeef, I smell like beeef, I SMELL LIKE BEEEF" lol don't judge that's all I could think of 😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️
cynophilic cynophilic Dec 02, 2017
I came here bc I want a better description of the book bc I was like what. The heck. So, yeah. If someone could help me out with a plot
ChioDewdroP ChioDewdroP Apr 15, 2017
LOL the dedication though.......
                              you heard that Kanye? no copyright infringement (jk) you know I'm playing...
                              p.s Why you interrupting @Punkxst ?? huh? 😂
Morghan_0140 Morghan_0140 Jun 30, 2017
I'm legit going to get my holy water ready and out of my closet