Just Smile And Nod

Just Smile And Nod

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Helium By Helium Updated Jul 04

"I draw the people I hate at school. I hear the gossip, I hear the lies; but I draw what my own eyes see. And I see the embarrassing, devastating, beautiful secrets my peers are try to hide.

 I had quite the collection of illusions; a sketchbook full of their buried sins... Until the most popular boy, and my most hated, happens upon my misplaced book of secrets."

Alys is faceless, voiceless... and she is free. 

Being nothing more than an ever shifting shadow is an art she mastered long ago. And it's one that allows her to sketch the oblivious people around her; sculpting their true forms in a mock revenge. But her hands tighten upon each pencil, struggling as a reluctant witness to their lies and deceits; her past still haunting her...

But there's one she despises most of all; a predator hidden amongst a flock of sheep. Hayden; the boy loved and adored by those around him. Hayden; the monster who secretly hates them all.

She never wanted to meet him. She never wanted to have to interact with ANY of them, but that all changed when her only friend was accused of a crime she did not commit in a flurry of senior pranks gone wrong, and the corrupt school they attend does nothing to spare Karri of that unjust fate.  

In the madness of Alys' anger; in the hatred and fear for those around her- she accidently leaves a sketchbook behind containing the truths of her school; the corruption, the embezzlements, the people around drawn as their true selves...

And who else would find it but the popular boy; the devil who fakes it all. 

Hayden has found the most beautiful puppet, a girl who can see anyone for what they truly are- even him. And with art so beautiful, so breathtaking... so dangerous, he entices Alys with a proposition she can't refuse...

She would be his little puppet, doing as he bid, and he would help her get her retribution... her revenge.

And in what better shape than a mural at graduation.

One that might not be as it seemed.

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enchanted_by_books enchanted_by_books May 02, 2017
Definetly! Amazing prologue by the way! Cant wait to dive into the story and the characters!! Good work!
I mean some girls are really happy and there not being fake.
Im a fan of this type of writing. Good words are being used and the description is alluring 😍
'It cascaded down to  the edges of my paper' would sound more artsy if you want it or you can just continue with 
                              'It *lay on the edges ' if you want to be grammatically correct.
potamophilous potamophilous Sep 14, 2017
I feel like the semi-colon before 'because' should be replaced with a comma.
The girls would not be pleased to be compared to Sir Henry 😂😂