Breaking The Chains. (Incest Boyxboy)

Breaking The Chains. (Incest Boyxboy)

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ButterflyNightmare By ButterflyNightmare Updated Sep 12, 2014

A dark story of two brothers, an insane father, a loving mother, and a abusive boyfriend. 

This is Alex's life. He's mute. His older brother Blade, rapes and beats him. But Blade moves in with his boyfriend Drake. 
   Alex's father does the same to him as like Blade did. His mother is away. Having no clue of what her family really is. 
  Alex's life is a difficult one, his father is now obsessing over him. He doesn't go to school, his parents home schooled him, and he gradated early because he's also a really smart kid. 
  Blade is stuck with his abusive, drug dealer boyfriend Drake. Having no clue if his little brother is okay or not, always saying sorry for what he did to him.
   Will Alex ever get away from his father? From his brother? Will he forgive him? Will he continue to live this life of his? Will Blade ever leave his boyfriend? Will the brothers mother ever find out?

    All is happening in the story Breaking The Chains! (Incest. BoyxBoy)

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RapMonsterTrash98 RapMonsterTrash98 Jun 13, 2017
I'll save you darling I'm gonna mûrder your brother for ya just pick a weapon you want me to kill him with⚔️🗡🔪🚘
RapMonsterTrash98 RapMonsterTrash98 Jun 13, 2017
That's fuçked up how you just gonna ràpe him like that. He obviously doesn't want you to touch him. Poor guy. That's brother is dickhead
-vxbes- -vxbes- Jan 16
*addiction network* why aren't you calling?! Call now before it's too late.
SecretiveTimes SecretiveTimes Feb 24, 2016
Well this is almost as good as a first line as in the martian
djkaratekid djkaratekid Feb 10, 2016
I feel like crying something similar happened to one of my very good friends
Ajmintz Ajmintz Sep 04, 2016
It sounds like the beginning of a commercial.
                              I don't know why, it just does.