Louder Than Words (Revising)

Louder Than Words (Revising)

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[Louder Than Words Vol. 1]
Smart chicks are the ones you gotta stay away from. Especially if they're hot. They get inside your head and make you go crazy. They think they know everything about anything and flaunt it because they know it. You'd think half of the male population would in in a freaking psych-ward for putting up with them or even *cringe* loving them. That's why it's better to stay away from them. Take Dylan Hawking, for example: Hot, but smart.

Bad boys are pretty self-explanatory because they're exactly that: Bad boys. Part of me almost feels sorry for them... almost. They always get in trouble and take everything in life for granted. It's even such a cliche term that we need a new phrase to call them. Jerk faces? Yeah, that's a good term. But what is a rose by any other name? Dangerous. Especially if they're cute. Take Sean Kendrick, for example: Cute, but dangerous.

With nowhere left to go for his last year in high school, Sean Kendrick is forced to stay under the roof of the Sheriff in order to stay out of trouble. But what can you expect when you put a "cute but dangerous jerk face" and a "hot but smart chick" in the same house for a year? Breakups, heartache, sexual tension, makeups, hookups, one night stands, and a ton of underage drinkers. It's high school. And in a place with all of those things, what's the only thing than can speak louder than words?

I want Mikey to live with me. 😒 
                              He's just so darn adorable. He's my kitten.
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Jazmine1971 Jazmine1971 Apr 05, 2015
Well your books are awesome!! I just finished your book!! I'm writing a book, although it will never be as good as yours. And if your interested in reading it it's called "The Life of a 'Popular'" 
Jazmine1971 Jazmine1971 Apr 04, 2015
I agree with ronimelody! And my stupid phone won't let me see the fricken picture of Dylan!!!
xXsemper-sine-metuXx xXsemper-sine-metuXx Apr 04, 2015
@Jazmine1971 haha it's not big deal. I'm glad you're so passionate about my stories though! :)
Jazmine1971 Jazmine1971 Apr 04, 2015
Oooooh you started this book off great!!! Although it would've been smarter of me to read Vol. 1 first (this one) instead of accidentally reading Vol.2 first!!