Her brothers love her [sexual content]

Her brothers love her [sexual content]

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Lea~the nerd~ By leabear15 Updated Jan 06, 2015

You guys the intro might be a little rushed but I want to make a quick into to get into the real story :) enjoy please. 


      Ever since Max was born, she had one older brother who cared, and was very over protective of her. The day she came home, Joshua and her where inseparable. She would rarely let anyone hold her but him, crying anytime someone else would try to hold her. Joshua took great care of her, to their parents pride. Everyday they watched their children grow and become closer than ever.

      As Max grew up slowly her parents became aware of the fact that Max has never known of her two other older brothers. They knew she would have to meet them soon, they became worried when Josh became so protective that he followed her every where. They thought maybe it would be a faze and they would both grow out of it... Maybe...

     On Max's fourth birthday her parents thought it was the perfect time and brought her other two brothers back home from the school they...

I'm mexican and natice American half and half but super pale one time my dads Mexican freindcalled me a little white girl
- - Jan 10, 2017
*drinks hot chocolate and eats a marshmallow* good luck girl, I'll be behind u all the way. But this ain't my business so I'll leave it mostly to u :)
_MlNDLESS_ _MlNDLESS_ Apr 24, 2016
*sips tea* would say incest but..
                              That's nine of my business
Jokerss_Princess_ Jokerss_Princess_ Jul 21, 2016
She sounds kind of like how I pool. Except I'm White, African American, Indian, and Asian.
crimsonsamurai crimsonsamurai Aug 27, 2015
This is a sick fantasy but obviously others share your twisted ways so more power to you. Im out, peace
izzie30474 izzie30474 Aug 27, 2015
I'm really interested in this and I know its wrong but who cares