My Mate is my step-brother

My Mate is my step-brother

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***Cassandra hasn't known feeling since 15. She is full of hatred and betrayal. She doesn't feel happiness. She doesn't know love. Until he came along. Just the sight of him made her feel. However, there is a slight problem...he's her step-brother.                  
***19 year old, Alex Levon, is alpha of the Night Bound pack. He was chosen because he was ruthless and cold-hearted. Then, one day, a beautiful girl comes to the pack. This girl's father was the Alpha before himself. His wife was his own mother.  His wolf tells him mate. There is a slight problem...she was already mated, sort of, and he's her step-brother.                                
***Hunter was a player. He left for three years and then came back. He always got what he wanted because he was hot and woman practically threw themselves at him. However, on the first day back, He sees the most beautiful girl in the world. His wolf tells him mate. Oh...and they're step-siblings. 
***However, more is in store for Cassandra. More than the two mates she thought she would need to choose from. Things she deemed impossible. And when the time comes, will three people be able to join forces against the greatest of evil? Even after all the pain?


This is undergoing editing. Also, I started writing this when I was young, so please just accept what I've done and don't comment on how something is bad. I really enjoy the concept I've written, and I believe it to be unique. All I ask is that you take time to read the entire thing before you make a judgment. Thank you all and enjoy the story!

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racche9 racche9 Jan 06
Mmmhmmm same here... pale + freckles aren't exactly something u can get rid of sometimes..
racche9 racche9 Jan 06
Huh...that's just parents tell me not to be like it.. to be warmer and not shut everyone out.... how? It's not as though there is exactly a reason jumping out why I'm like it....and no matter what they say.... nope I don'y think I'm better than everyone else...
arose951 arose951 Jul 10, 2016
i love the 1st chapter but i'm lost is she a werewolf because i thought they shifted at 16