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Who Are You (Camren)

Who Are You (Camren)

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StrongWarrior13 By StrongWarrior13 Completed

Lauren is instantly mesmerized by Camila during boot camp on x factor.  When the girls go on tour her feelings start to develop more. Will she act on them? What will Camila do if she realizes her best friend might want to be more than just friends? Will it ruin them? Ruin the band? Through out the confusion of her feelings Camila writes a song the ends up headlining the tour and it may just let out how she truely feels!  Will Camren be a real thing?  Even AFTER all the hardships they go through?  Will they still love eachother when they learn each other's deepest secrets? 
Read to find out more(:

it reminds me of when she said "let's go" when she did the look at me now rap.
No that's not how frnds do it hun.. God ur just as oblivious as in the other fics...