Brothers Conflict: Only One

Brothers Conflict: Only One

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Kurobani Mae was recently adopted from an old orphanage where she resided for the past 17 years of her life. A gentle smile of the woman named Asahina Miwa, set Mae to agree to live with her new fourteen siblings in a place called "Sunrise Residence".

Mixed feelings and love confessions emerges as each brother gets to spend time with their new sister, and pretty soon, she starts to fall in love with one of them.

Aside from that situation, the Sakamoto Palace, located hours away from Japan, inhabits nothing but pure-blooded royalty. The intensely good-looking, wise, and somewhat creepy but also charming: Prince Miku finally reckons the truth about his "dead" little sister and sets aside all of his busy schedule on becoming King to personally search for the lost princess in Japan.

【ブラザーズ コンフリクトファンフィクション : オンリーワン】
書かれ: Nov. 12th 2013
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Don't  you notice that's ema but with a tiara and black hair and in season two
abeck01 abeck01 Mar 11
Hey! Who does she end up with? I want to know before I read.
                              IM TIRED
tinylittleM tinylittleM Sep 29
My first language is Chinese, then English. 
                              Then Japanese, the romance languages and some others that I can't speak fluently
I have 3 already but stupidly I can't remember there names it's the twins and the redhead
IrisxGaara IrisxGaara Dec 21, 2016
I am learning Japanese and I am not fluent in that AT ALL YET ... so don't feel bad, we're both in the same boat and many other people are too.