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🖤Evil Queen♠️ By _Evil_queen_1 Updated Jan 13

There is a new girl in town, someone nobody has been expecting. She has no idea what she is stepping into, but soon realizes just how dangerous her life has become. 

She knows she not normal, and she knows people are coming for her. She can only hope that the new people in her new community aren't worse than what she's running from. 
The alpha has set his eyes on his mate, and will stop at nothing to claim what's his. There is something about her though, that's not normal. Something she would die to keep secret.

He's made it his mission to break her walls, and find out who she really is. But it won't be easy, oh no. 

And soon, her past will catch up with her. They will come after her, and everyone she loves. Hell will be raised and lives will pay the price for who she is and what they want from her. 

There will be casualties. War will rage. Blood will be shed. And trust will be put to the ultimate test. 

Strong/Vulgar Language 
Sexual Content
Trigger warnings