Offspring [Complete]

Offspring [Complete]

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Patty V. By crossingseas Completed

Book 2: Offspring [Book 1 is Young Mate]

Growing up knowing that your mother loved you more than anything in the world, is a beautiful thing. She worked hard as a Luna to make sure that her offspring and the rest of her pack were safe.

When everything seemed perfect and nothing could stand in their way, she's taken away.

She's been gone for three years and there's still no sign of her.

Everyday they watch their father go through his day and no matter what they do he is never, fully, at peace. But, they continue to move forward: their father, the pack and nine children. 

Their motivation? Knowing that their mother isn't dead and she's out there, waiting to be found.


Book 1: Young Mate

Alpha Ashton White gets stuck with a sixteen year old mate, Amy Fray. She's a pup, a little anti-social due to the fact that her previous Alpha is socially inept. She has no alpha or beta blood. She's just a regular teen wolf. She's stubborn and has a habit of running.

She also has the audacity to almost reject him, twice.

Like being ten years older than her isn't enough. He has to deal with a new alliance, rogues, and his brother Aaron who won't be anything less than an Alpha.

Why would the moon goddess put these two together? And why right at the very moment where everything seems to be a mess?



I'd recommend reading the first book so you can see what certain relationships were like before Amy's disappearance. Or you can start from here... anyway enjoy!

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rasheemas34 rasheemas34 Sep 28, 2016
Don't have a favorite, love them all and hope Amy comes back soon..missing her already
axctuallyamermaid axctuallyamermaid Sep 01, 2016
Idk yet they've obviously changed since the 1st book so right now I don't have a favourite
CalchasDumas CalchasDumas Dec 24, 2016
Okay Aurora should be like 7-10 but she's acting like a five year old...
arousex arousex Jul 01, 2016
Like hell I can
                              Do u know how many 'A's' there are?! 
                              Like, this reminds me of my parents! R first names start with an 'R', and the second with a 'C'
RoyalPainInTheAssX RoyalPainInTheAssX Feb 26, 2017
I don't know yet..But I like Aiden and Annabelle. As of right now.
Societal_Hazard Societal_Hazard Sep 22, 2016
I don't have a favorite either even though I've been reading from the beginning I want to see more of their personalities.. but me being me I probably won't have a favorite, because they're all just too cute and precious!! 😍