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Audrey Powell is a time-traveler-or so claims a sexy and sarcastic Superhero, The Marked Stranger. While still trying to make friends at her new school, Audrey must now navigate a path filled with heroes, villains, the space-time continuum, loyalty, a killer organization, and flirty guys with dreamy eyes.   

What would drive you to rip a hole in all of time and space?

SUPERABLE is a YA Action/Sci-Fi novel with additional Romance. SUPERABLE is the first in a two-book series. SUPERABLE (book 1)  SUPERSEDE (book 2, out in 2015)


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Casey_Acousta1 Casey_Acousta1 Nov 12, 2017
And I do agree to earlier posts... seriously?? You want that to be your car???
Casey_Acousta1 Casey_Acousta1 Nov 12, 2017
I really like it so far!! I always had trouble getting the right explanations, but you nailed it!!! Nice job!
KuroTsuki20 KuroTsuki20 Jan 16, 2018
Hey I love your story so far! It’s a great start and I can’t wait to read the rest of it. But I just thought I’d tell you, I think you made a typo here. It’s lo and behold not low and behold. I hope I didn’t annoy you I just wanted to help out!
J450NXD J450NXD Jul 08, 2017
It doesn't matter this person bought a car and they lost a lot of money and not to mention the rise in taxes to pay for that hole in the street
artifically_phan artifically_phan Aug 29, 2017
What justice ? It's literally just two people beating each other up and destroying stuff in the process. If it were two humans it would be a different story tho right
ava_brooks101 ava_brooks101 Jun 22, 2018
I've never heard of a never-ending story theme song though I have heard of the never-ending song