Adopted by You! (A One Direction Spanking Story)

Adopted by You! (A One Direction Spanking Story)

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Makenzy By jcookluvingniall Updated Mar 29, 2014

Zayn:21, the oldest, gets angry quickly , and strong.

Louis:20, 2 oldest, very forgiving person, and hates yelling at the kids.

Liam:18, lets zayn an Louis take care of the kids most of the time, yells a lot

Niall:16, gets In trouble a lot, doesn't like getting yelled at

Harry:16,blames stuff on Niall a lot, trouble maker

Angel:14, gets in trouble a lot,talks back, yells back

Sophie:9, clueless, cries a lot, doesn't really throw tantrums

Sasha:6,throws tantrums, tries to be good , cries a lot

When one direction adopts three young girls while also having two boys to take care of things get crazy!!! They have to put in a set of rules the they don't like.

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donut_mess_with_MEH donut_mess_with_MEH Dec 04, 2013
I really really love it so far but angel should be named angelica