Searching: Book 3 (PJO/HoO FanFic)

Searching: Book 3 (PJO/HoO FanFic)

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Who are you? Who am I? Where are we? What's going on? What happened? These are the questions you'd ask if you remembered absolutely nothing, right? If you woke up one day not knowing what your own name was, what would you do? Probably get help? Get a check up at the hospital? Then start over, yeah?

But what if you did remember something? What if you remembered ONE thing from your old life? What if it was a person? Wouldn't you spend your whole life trying to find that person?

This is what happened to Percy Jackson. He woke up in an apartment knowing nothing but two names and one face.


He always gets a headache thinking about him, but he knew he was an important person. If Percy had the choice, he would've gone to find him immediately, but something held him back. More like someONE held him back. Someone he didn't quite trust...

So I will say this once and once only. I DO NOT OWN PJO/HoO! ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO RICK ROIDON!

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