Sweet Revenge

Sweet Revenge

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Grace Connely is fat. Plain and simple.

She, and the rest of the schools fat population are tormented day by day by the school's bully, Lucas Keith. He is rude, conceited, and mean. And Grace can't seem to shake him off.

Thankfully, Grace has the entire summer to get away from him before having to return to the hell hole - which she calls school - to face him again.

But she's tired of being laughed at. She's tired of being constantly bullied. She's tired of coming home and crying every night because she hates her life.

So she decides she wants to leave high school on a high - she decides to try and loose the fat that caused her emotional pain for most of her life, and return to school to make Lucas' life a living hell, and to make him feel the pain she felt.

But life isn't that easy. Complications always get in the way. Who said being thin makes life easier?

A bombardment of boys hit her as she comes back to school; Pete - the loving, kind type; Lucas - the obnoxious, cocky type and last, but certainly not least Kaidan - her fathers employee for the year who is mysterious, rude and extraordinarily good looking.

Getting rid of her fat didn't get rid of her problems...they just made them worse.

Will revenge be as sweet as expected?

I'm low key wishing I had these voices in my head to fight with like this
Not to to be rude but when your fat you can lose weight you just need to be pushed.
oh thank god!!! 99% of the stories on wattpad are the same thing
RayBlckluck RayBlckluck May 13
What the EFF?! is this school are full of Jerks and Asshöles.. Where is the nice ones..?  Fvck you Lucas!!
RayBlckluck RayBlckluck May 13
That Lucas is A JERK super... If I have magic... what if I just make him fat, how about that? 😈😂😂
RayBlckluck RayBlckluck May 13
Punch that Boi GO... And dont go easy on him.. Haha..
                              He's a Jerk