I'm In Love With You : College Hottie # 1 - Lucas Agoncillo

I'm In Love With You : College Hottie # 1 - Lucas Agoncillo

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dyosathewriter By dyosathewriter Updated Dec 28, 2017

Lucas Jaime Agoncillo, currently the President of Student Council was known for his good-super good looks and for his brains, being a consistent Dean's Lister since he entered the university. Tall, moreno
and handsome. He was a no-nonsense guy and always carried an air of authority with him. Super rich, being the scion of a prominent steel manufacturer in the country.

Stasha Marie Villaruel, beautiful and bratty. Campus queenfor three consecutive years. Everybody in the campus called her Her Highness.

Both are campus royalties. But they avoided each other's paths for underlying reasons unknown to both of them. Pareho nilang ini-snob ang isa't-isa sa campus.

On the day of their foundation day, nagawa silang gawin partners sa isang marriage booth.

"Groom, meet your bride, Her Highness Stasha Marie Villaruel. Bride, meet your groom, Mister President, Lucas Jaimes Agoncillo," sabi ng schoolmate nilang may pakana ng marriage booth na ginanap sa Art Room.

Their eyes locked. Lucas held Stasha's gaze and then smiled-a gorgeous one at that. His eyes were glinting with amusement. Nagbaba ng tingin si Stasha. Hindi niya kayang matagalan ang tingin ni Lucas.

At pagkatapos ay napadako ang tingin ni Lucas sa nakabukas na pinto ng Art Room. Lahat ng mga nagdadaang estudyante ay napapatingin sa loob.

"Close the door, please," marahang utos ni Lucas sa isang naroroon na malapit sa pinto. "I don't want uninvited guests to my wedding."

Napaangat si Stasha ng mukha at napatingin kay Lucas.

And then Lucas smiled at Stasha as if teasing her.

Isang ngiting lalong nagpapaguwapo kay Lucas. Isang ngiting madalang nitong maibigay kay Stasha.

*Nice Book Cover Credits to : @MissBulilit

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unspokenheart unspokenheart Dec 15, 2017
but you’re getting it wrong, missy. there are two possible interpretations for that. either he simply don’t care about her or...
xoxo_xands xoxo_xands Sep 02, 2017
Nabobother talaga ako. Kasi ung school namin holy angel university. Tas ung katabi naming school holy family academy. Para kasing pinagsama ung names. 😂😂😂
waLEIforever waLEIforever Aug 05, 2016
Pag uber hottie JACOB pronounced as "jeykob" pag below average guy "hakob" 
purpleviolet01 purpleviolet01 Aug 11, 2016
Excited ako kung paano lalambot yung puso nila para sa isa't isa. Hihi.
MutYa36 MutYa36 Jan 03, 2017
Ehemm.. Rereading all of them. I miss them all. Can't wait for the Book 2 of Tres. Kinikilig ako sa galit ni Tres.. hahaha.. ooppsss.. Spoiler alert? Sarreeyy!!
WymasCarreon WymasCarreon Nov 01, 2016
Nagtataka lang ako bakit inulit ng narrator yung description kay Lucas dun sa text. Medyo parang off yung self-description ng narrator sa sarili nya. 
                              So far, exposition chapter and stock characters. 
                              On the other hand, formal ang narration, ah. : )