Book One: Dreamscapes Of Relativity

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Quantum Q By AfterP_BeforeR Updated 5 years ago
This is one of *those* stories I suppose. Full of adventure, fantasy, romance and all the usual... well not yet anyways. But it will do. But in other ways its not. This is realistic. Ever wondered in fantasy/adventure why they never go to the loo? Or why they never brush their teeth? Or even why when the evil bad guy kidnaps the beautiful princess he *never* tries to sully her a bit? I mean I would if I were an evil so and so right?
    So yes, this story, it tries to answer all that. All the while encapsulating love, hate, humour, good and evil, fate and choice and all the other blasted things that make up a good story. This is a story that tries to be as realistic (in some ways) as a fantasy story can be. And who knows, maybe in some other universe, this story is true. You can never tell with the multi-verse.
    I realise that I haven't actually told you what this story's about. It has all of the usual: mythological creatures, pirates, evil things, medusa, big freaking swords (BFS) and even quite a few naughty bits. So if your still interested and want to know what the hell I'm talking about... Sit down, make yourself comfortable and listen. For I am the storyteller. And this is my story, the story of Dreamscapes within the Realms of Relativity.
you're a great story teller. if the prologue is this captivating i can only wonder how well the rest flows. like the title, and thanks for the heads up on Unicron, was interesting. i like his origin story. anywho, this story seems ordinarily brilliant. can't wait to get into it :)
I can tell that you must love fantasy books, because you have adapted that writing style. It's written intelligently and humorously, which I appreciate :) I'm glad I stumbled upon this story.
I like the use of the butterfly theory in here.   It is a great start as it clearly gives me a taste of the depth you intend to explore in the story.
                                    I still have no idea what this story is all about, but this pulls me right in.  Interesting :)
A couple punctuation errors, but NBD. Great job!! I loved how everything flowed so well together! So far, I really like this..
                                    I'm very glad I stumbled across your page... You have a lot of talent!! 
                                    Reading on now...
                                    Oh, I voted!!
@AfterP_BeforeR ....When I need a mental boost after a long tendious editing story gives me that refreshing jump I need......Great great story dude...That why I like want stories like these in your local library (well at least not  yet anyway)
im not trying to advirtise my writing here, but i really love ur take on writing and would apreacite if you read my story. if you get a chance it would make me really happy ;)