His Love

His Love

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Ayesha By ItsAshayy Completed

What would you do if you found out you're getting married to Mafia King ?

" A muslim Story" 

He looked into my eyes , piercing through my soul his gray eyes were filled with thousands of emotions that i couldn't seem to understand

"What's your name" 

he asked me with his dark rough voice sending chills down my spine 

"I don't like to repeat myself" 

 he grabbed my arm and pulled me into him making me flinch 

"Ayesha" I whispered 


my name rolled off his lips like a melody he placed his hand on my cheek so delicately like i would break into his arms. 

It was wrong in every way the way his body was so close to mine but why did it felt right Ya Allah what's wrong with me.

 I pushed him away as he was too busy staring into my soul 

"Don't touch me ! " I spoke with a little confidence he walked towards me as i walked backwards 

"Stay away" i spoke but it was no use because he took a hold of my hair and pulled my face towards him i closed my eyes 

"No my love I won't"

"Please let me go !!! What's my fault !?!"

"Its not your fault love but it is God's Fault that he made you so beautiful"

"leave me" 

"Never in a million years" 

What will happen when a little encounter with the Mafia King changes Ayesha's life upside down ?
she never thought she'd be a wife to a man who's heartless