✔ Just Between You And Me // Septiplier ✔

✔ Just Between You And Me // Septiplier ✔

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  Everything and more used to describe Jack, the one with bright green hair and dark clothing at Testmount Highschool. The 'badass'. The one who always shouts out in class and cusses out the teacher, who procrastinates on homework and fails all the tests they take.
That last part is how he ends up meeting the life-flipper. After waiting too long for a report due on Monday. 


  That's all Mark's known as. All the way from his best friends to strangers. Quiet. Reserved. He stands out so much from all the extroverts at school, the raven-haired boy could be mistaken for invisible. 
  That is until someone actually comes up to him in the library and offered to help shelving- since he was too short to reach the shelf.

When the two's lives crash together in a fluke of an event, they both fall in question of the other what brought them to this stage in life. 

Why is Jack so indifferent? 

Why is Mark so quiet?

And who's eyes will open while the other's closes? 

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(Based off of a roleplay between @Llamapug230 and I)

Please note: this is in no way romanticizing mental illnesses and their effects on people

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