Convicted Passion (ON HOLD)

Convicted Passion (ON HOLD)

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Katlego 'Katee' Moncho By KateeSmurfette Updated Dec 22, 2014

He had it all figured out. He'd been out for two years now and all he had to do was aim and shoot, but the little boy ran over to the man, calling him uncle. He couldn't do it. Not when the little boy looked exactly like he did when he was his age. What the hell was he missing here?

Callum Davenport was accused of a crime he didn't commit at the age of 18. He was sentenced to 12years in prison. He'd seen the people who committed the crime, and unluckily for him, he happened to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the killer weapon in his hands by the time the cops arrived. With his prints at the scene, the prosecutors saw no need for a trial and went straight to sentencing.

Callum spent the 12years plotting his return, and most importantly his revenge on the person who framed him. He was released and decided to make a name for himself first. At age 32, Callum is one of the most wanted bachelors and the CEO of a billionaire tech ware company. Unexpected events lead him to a life he hadn't planned on living, but for once, he just goes with the flow, with his feelings. He's been training with all kinds of weapons for two years, tracking his target. The fateful day comes, but as he is about to make his shot, something stuns him completely -something that makes him stall his plans and search for new answers for his already twisted life.

  • anger
  • answers
  • convicted
  • framed
  • jail
  • revenge
  • shock

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