how to train your human  (how to train your dragon fanfic)

how to train your human (how to train your dragon fanfic)

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What if things were diffrent in the httyd movie? What if we make Hiccup get hurt and Toothless feels guilty and lets the hatchling go.

What if Toothless starts to take care of Hiccup. what will happen then?
What dangers will come along their way and what friends might show up?

And to make the story a bit more interesting, What if Hiccup was a girl and only 10 years old?

Whats going to happen then?
What is Stoik going to do?

Time to make the HTTYD movie a HTTYH movie.

Have fun reading!
Just to let you know, this book is being re-edited so there will be spelling mistakes and grammar issues since I wrote this when I was younger. I will promise the writing does get I bit better in later chapters.

Warning is advised

Rated G

Maybe some parts PG

I mean I get it they hurt like a bìtch if they touch you but seriously your a dragon
Toothless throwing the eel on the ground and stamping his feet and whining
maddness28 maddness28 Jul 12
'how about we switch things up a bit'
                              me: PLZ MAKE HICCUP A DRAGON PLZPLZPLZ 
                              *end of intro*
                              me: CLOSE ENOUGH
BlueFood101 BlueFood101 Jul 19
                              FALL IN TARTARUS
                              GET EATEN BY A GIRL
BlueFood101 BlueFood101 Jul 19
...just have to admit, calling Hiccup 'lass' is weird and new to me...
Malcom0704 Malcom0704 Jul 02
Is it going off of the books? Because in the books he is 11-14 and I personally LOVE LOVE COULD NOT GET ENOUGH JUST UGH I NEED MORE HTTYD BOOKS you get my point