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            ❝  SHE IS A  M E R M A I D  ,  HE IS A  C H A M P I O N

                            SHE IS A  W A R R I O R  ,  HE IS IN  D A N G E R  ❞

Esmraldia Seapixi is a mermaid with very special powers who hides in the shadows of the Black Lake. Every night, she gazes up at the mysterious castle, wondering what it would be like to attend the school, and to be human. One night, she rescues a mysterious boy from drowning in the lake, which leaves him wanting to know who saved him. He could only remember two things, her violet eyes and her voice.

One day she is asked by Dumbledore to help him protect the one and only Harry Potter. The only way to do that is to go to Hogwarts, where she will make friends and enemies, and meet the boy she saved.

Will she be able to keep her identity to herself, and will she stop herself from falling into the arms of Tri-wizard champion, Cedric Diggory? But then she finds out something that will change her life forever. Professor Dumbledore chose her for a reason, and not just because of her powers, but because Esmraldia and Harry share a special bond, which leads to a truth that has been kept a secret since the night James and Lily Potter were killed...

[ golden trio era ]
[ cedric diggory x reader ]
[ cover by me ]
[ @firxwhiskey 2017 ]

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