Pain (Rin Okumura x reader)

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~Otaku Trash~ By Hibari_chan Updated 10 days ago
Rin Okumura x reader! You lived a happy life as normal rich people did. But everyone turned on you. Escaping the hell you were imprisoned in with the help of a boy who had glasses and enough moles for one person, you found a door that led to a whole different country! Japan to be more exact. There you met a boy with blue eyes, spiky hair, and...a tail? What will happen between the two of you?
Awwwww but green eyes are nice too! But I still love blue eyes!
What in the world gave you that crazy idea? I can't see a thing... Demons you say? Pfft, what demons? *laughs nervously*
I won't except reality
                                    I WILL ESCAPE IT
                                    *climbs on the mountain and does a dramatic hero pose*
I'm invisible .___________________B________i_______s)h_____________.
I will not except reality 
                                    Cause then it brakes my heart that I can't be in love with my anime loves
And thank you for saying he has green eyes I thought I was the only one