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Supernova: Book One of The Supernova Chronicles

Supernova: Book One of The Supernova Chronicles

501 Reads 72 Votes 14 Part Story
Sydney Nicole By broadwaygurl88 Updated Mar 05

✦ Book One in The Supernova Chronicles ✦
        In the Kalopsian galaxy, Wizards are the dominating race, while the Disenchanted beings are hunted and discriminated against. Nova Prescott is a half-Seelie half-Wizard who just wants to graduate her final year of school at Vivera Academy for the Mystic Arts with as few bumps and scrapes as possible. Her plan is quickly derailed when the Queen of the UnSeelies begins to wreak havoc on the Wizarding world, and somehow Nova is the only being capable of wielding one of the most powerful weapons in the galaxy.
        While exploring her new and terrifying powers that seem to stem from being a Hybrid, Nova must band together Enchanted and Disenchanted beings alike in order to save her world from dark magic. This proves easier said than done as she's stuck with a group of bickering Wizards, a Werewolf, a clumsy Warlock, and a mischievous Seelie girl. But, there's at least one thing they all agree on; Nova's the key to saving the galaxy.
        And for the galaxy's sake, she really hopes they're wrong.
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