~Kiss Me, Deadly~ (Discontinued)

~Kiss Me, Deadly~ (Discontinued)

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Tara By LikkleMonstahhxX Updated Dec 01, 2012

"Kiss Me," I breathed. "Deadly." He gave me a watery smile before his lips came in to contact with mine.


Cameron Mercer's life was anything but perfect, she had been told that she was dying, she had ran away from her problems and when she finally returned home to have some sort of a life things started to go bad. Shadows that move, things that aren’t there, nightmares that are so vivid they seem real, mysterious boys, something bad is happing to her and she doesn’t know how to stop it. Cameron’s going to get the shock of her life at the Winter Masquerade and it’s going to change everything.......Forever. (Insert creepy laugh)

foreverbluerose_19 foreverbluerose_19 May 14, 2012
*speechless* wow im on the verge of tears here...............................................
yme123 yme123 Nov 28, 2011
This is really good. I love your descriptions and the feeling of your chapter. Your characters are great too. Best of luck in the wattys
brevityofbeauty brevityofbeauty Nov 24, 2011
My favorite book on here! Keep writing! And if you put so much as one scratch on Dean's car... I'll get you (insert creepy laugh!)
brevityofbeauty brevityofbeauty Oct 12, 2011
Supernatural fan? I'm guessing from the 1967 chevy impala ;)
pandagirl365 pandagirl365 Oct 08, 2011
it's really good :) ...sad too. i like the descriptions and i will definitely read more :D
xxxKarinn xxxKarinn Oct 08, 2011
well, i reckon this is a good start...(sorry, i was kinda being nosy and looking at LaurenDMSmith's comment, lol) maybe cut down your sentences a bit, but to be honest i think this is a great prologue, just a little long at five pages :-/ good job