The God's Awakening: Vol. I

The God's Awakening: Vol. I

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Frank Toth By The_Authors_Quill Completed

There are many gods bound to Shalara's care. Some are good; others bad. But none are as feared or reviled as Katastarof, Lord of Calamity and Destruction. Eons ago, the Pantheon locked the destruction deity away, binding his tomb with several Keys. These Keys were then scattered across the world, to hopefully never see the light of day again.

But someone is retrieving the Keys. Someone wishes to wake Katastarof, and it is up to Jonathan Strait to set things right.  He has a long way to go if he is to become Shalara's savior. Armed with only his wits, his magic, and a mischievous spell book, John must face demons within and without to survive.

Will he be our salvation?

Or will he be our doom?

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